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I am Judi Wright and I am an educational consultant for Coach Up! Consulting.  I have been working in education for 25 years and I continue to love the work, the students, and I am delighted every day that I get to be an educator.  I am part of Coach Up! Consulting because I have been inspired by my own dyslexic son who, having struggled in all academic areas, particularly with literacy, from PreK – 11th grade, has overcome obstacles in his educational career that have been both painful and beautiful to watch.  I am very passionate about consulting with educators and stakeholders to help improve educational systems and delivery to meet the needs of all our diverse learners through focused, thoughtful data-driven planning and instruction. I hold a Master’s degree in Education of the Diverse Learner, and I hold a principal’s license in the state of Colorado.


Coach Up! Consultant

Literature/ELA/Reading/Social Studies/Speech & Drama Teacher

English 099 Professor 

Reading/ELA Teacher

Judith C. Savala-Wright: About
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